How To Become An Exceptional Writer

No matter where you are in your writing career, working to improve your craft is an ongoing, ever-evolving process. I’m a firm believer in the value of always striving to learn new skills and improve your existing abilities. This has been one of my core principals as a writer, creative, and entrepreneur, and it’s served me well over the past 12+ years as a writing pro.

Ready to level up your writing?

Maybe you’re just starting out and are desperate to polish your writing chops to improve your chances of scoring that dream gig you’re after. I remember being in that exact place years ago, when I first realized I wanted to find a way to start making a living from my writing.

Or maybe you’ve been writing professionally for a while and are eager to pivot in a new direction or brush up on your skills. I’ve been there, too — first when I transitioned from being a print journalist to a freelancer in the games industry, then again when I started writing Kindle books and more long-form content.

When I’m not actually writing or creating things, I spent a lot of my free time learning how to get better at what I do and how to add new skills to my writing toolbox. It’s worth investing in yourself, whether it’s time or a little money, to expand your abilities and push upward in your writing journey.

Keeneen to improve your writing to score that killer gig you’ve been pining for? Want to finally get around to tidying up and launching that book draft that’s sitting on your desktop?

I highly recommend you check out this mega deal on one of Udemy’s most popular writing courses.

For the next three days, you can get this incredible best-selling writing course for 95% off on Udemy. This is a limited-time deal, so take advantage while you can!

Writing with Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer – Only $10 $299

 This course will show you:

  • How to be super-economical with words
  • How to avoid repeating yourself unnecessarily
  • How to stop making simple ideas sound complex
  • How to write in plain English
  • How to tell when you’re saying too much
  • How to steer clear of weak or redundant words
  • How to keep sentences active and express ideas more powerfully
  • How to chop away sentence clutter
  • How to avoid jargon and clichés
  • How to make crisp distinctions between contrasting ideas
  • How to avoid mixing up time elements
  • How to strategically use words like “it” and “they” and “this and “that”
  • How to add consistency using a journalistic technique called house style
  • How to present your writing ultra-professionally
  • How to avoid what journalists call word echoes
  • How to keep ideas neat and parallel
  • How to create an elegant narrative structure

Grab it today at a huge 95% off discount!



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