Fear of failure squashing your writing dreams? Watch this.

What does “failure” mean, really? Not meeting your goals? Not accomplishing what you set out to do? If you think about it, failure is a natural part of the growth process for any writer. It’s not a permanent state, unless you let it become one. It’s a stepping stone. A potential point you may hit on the path to where you want to go.

Don’t let failure be an impasse. Fail your way to success!

That magic idea that you’re going to hit it big with your first book, or any project for that matter, is inherently flawed. If you’re just starting out, you have to expect to fail a little, and if you embrace that possibility and aim to learn everything you can from it, then it’ll make those rough patches sting much less. That, and you’ll learn a ton to help you do better next time.

Here’s a little secret. Even the MOST SUCCESSFUL writers and authors have experienced failure. Sometimes catastrophic failure. I certainly have failed numerous times and in numerous ways. But I also haven’t given up, even when things seemed hopeless or pointless in the moment.

Case in point: During launch week, I thought I super duper screwed up the launch for Write Short Kindle Books. I pressed a button the wrong way and fudged some critical pivot in the launch cycle. But rather than give up, I aimed to keep pushing onward. As it turns out, that book has been my most successful one to date. I’ve sold over 5,000 copies this year, which is really awesome. I’m also about to launch the audiobook version.

Sooo…good times! Point is: don’t fear failure in your writing world. Embrace it. Learn from it. Then, overcome it.

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