Udemy’s Black Friday Blowout Begins – Site-wide $10 course sale

unnamedWhen it comes to learning new skills directly from people who are in the trenches in a given niche, Udemy is an amazing platform. I’ve been an avid Udemy learner for a few years now, and online video courses that you can take at your own pace (even on your Mobile devices) are a fun and unique way to level up your expertise.

Udemy just launched its annual Black Friday Blowout deal, which lasts a full 10 days. Here’s the thing though: Courses are only $10 site-wide right now, but they’re go up $1 every 48 hours until the sale ends next week.

What can you learn on Udemy? EVERYTHING. That’s what I love about the platform. There are so many awesome topics and niche courses to explore. Here are a few topics that might be of interest to folks who follow me:

  • Game development (GameMaker Studio, Unity, Swift, iOS 9, etc)
  • Kindle publishing (How to sell more books, book launches, author tips, etc.)
  • Creative entrepreneurship (Udemy course creation, starting a business, making money online, etc)
  • and so much more!

Also, I just launched a new course on Udemy myself, How To Sell Your Skills With Short Online Courses. If you’d like to grab that for only $10, go ahead and use this link. Either way, I highly recommend you take advantage of this crazy sale, and go grab yourself some good learnin’!

Black Friday $10 728x90


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