Play All 666 Words of “Teeth” – A Short Interactive Fiction Horror Game I Made For #BiteSizedHorrorJam

teeth copy

To say this month has been insanely busy would be a gross understatement. Between launching a new game two weeks ago, prepping another new game for launch this week, and building and launching an online course this month, I managed to complete a short mini horror interactive fiction game for #BiteSizedHorrorJam!

“Teeth” is a short, creepy little narrative horror game I created in a couple of hours, just in time to hit the short deadline for the game jam. It’ll only take you a few minutes to play, but check it out! If you enjoy it, you can vote for it here. And if you want more, you can check out my other new, fully-fleshed out interactive fiction horror game, This Book Is A Dungeon, which is out now on Steam!



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