This Book Is A Dungeon – The Virtual Mixtape (Vol. I) *Please Listen and Share!*


Throughout development of my dark indie horror game, This Book Is A Dungeon, I drew a lot of inspiration from a very specific set of tunes. I listened to a ton of music as I wrote the game, and it really helped me wrap my head around this grim world I built. These songs impacted some of the writing, helped to set the tone, and they’re the sounds I hear in my head when I play this game (which has no audio or SFX actually in-game).

In the 40,000 word dev diary included in TBIAD, I make mention of a “virtual dungeon mixtape.” Well…I just went ahead and made it for you to listen to and share! How very 90s!  Since passing around hand-dubbed cassettes isn’t cost effective, I’ve compiled the whole thing into a YouTube playlist instead!

This is an eclectic mix of tunes, arranged meticulously, that have a specific musical or lyrical impact that resonates within the dark world I created in TBIAD. You’ll find a broad mix, so buckle up! It all starts with the short game trailer, but stick around and give the rest a listen!

And if you dig these jams, or the virtual mixtape, please share this post with your peeps! Here it is in all of its 23-track splendor.

This Book Is A Dungeon – The Mixtape (Vol. 1)

And if you feel like it, please consider checking out the game itself, which just launched on Steam!



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