Indie Game Mag covers This Book Is A Dungeon in Digital Print Edition!


Almost forgot! This Book Is A Dungeon was featured in the October 2015 (digital) print edition of Indie Game Magazine, with this really cool two-page spread. It’s a neat write-up that focuses more heavily on the original game dev diary and book/game hybrid aspect of the project. It touches on the game itself, too, though to a much lesser extent. Great piece, nonetheless!

A few choice quotes:

“Nathan Meunier has created a dungeon crawler horror game filled with HP Lovecraft-inspired monsters and puzzles…[TBIAD] also creates detailed, horrific scenarios, both physically and mentally.”


“The worth of the book and game for developers as an experiment and case study is undeniable…it offers a glimpse at how even a simple text-based system requires time, energy, and effort to fully develop.”

The Steam edition of TBIAD (which includes the 40,000 word dev diary, too) is out NOW at 33% off until Friday 10/16! Grab it cheap while you can, and don’t forget to leave a review on Steam if you like the game! Every little bit helps!



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