What A Crazy Week of Launches and Projects


I’m still trying to catch my breath here. Whew. So, yesterday I completed the final day of Gumroad’s Small Product Lab challenge, which was an amazing experience! I basically battle planned, created, and launched a product in only 10 days. I’ll talk more about the overall experience of that in a future blog post, but I’ve got some other craziness to attend to today!

The product I created is an in-depth online video course that teaches your how to identify your own skills and expertise, then turn that into a high quality online course you can sell. It’s called Expertise To Income: How To Sell Your Skills With A Short Online Course.

I have a VERY limited number of $10 off coupons still left, so if you want to grab the course for cheap (and before I raise the post-launch price), be one of the next 23 people to buy the course using this link.

Version 1.0 of the course has two core sections, 25 video lessons, a PDF guide, and over two hours of content! Today, I’m starting work on the third and final module, which will focus on how to market, launch, and sell your course through Gumroad, so anyone who grabs the course will get that free module update sent out shortly.

So there’s that. But that’s not my only craziness of the week.


My OTHER crazy launch

Earlier this year I created an interactive fiction horror game using Twine over the course of three INTENSE months, documented the entire process in a 40,000 word Kindle book, then launched the game via a link inside the book on Kindle.

In a fun meta twist that’s very much in the spirit of the original project/experiment, the Steam edition is launching today for PC, and it includes a link to a PDF copy of the book embedded within the game.

I’m really excited, anxious and nervous to see how that does, as I haven’t launched a solo game project on a major platform yet. To be honest, I could use the money, but I’m also really excited to get the game in the hands of MANY more players. I’m already working on future interactive fiction game projects, so it’ll be interesting to see how this launch goes.

And that’s not even including the top secret work I’ve been doing on an upcoming PS4/Vita game project with my indie studio, Touchfight Games. More on that soon.

Anyhow, I’m off to dive back into the void. If you want to support my assorted project craziness by helping to spread the word, or by grabbing a copy today of either the course, the game, or both, that’d be amazing.



1 thought on “What A Crazy Week of Launches and Projects

  1. That’s awesome Nathan! I’ve got one of your books and really enjoyed it, so I’m glad to see you expanding yourself and trying new things (especially in such short amount of time/personal deadlines!). I’ll have to check out your new stuff soon, although my reading has dropped off significantly but hopefully I’ll get around to it sooner rather than later!

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