Pre-order My “Expertise to Income” Course and Get $10 Off Today!

For the past week, I’ve been working CRAZY hard to build out my new online course, Expertise To Income: Sell Your Skills With A Short Online Course, as part of Gumroad’s 10-day Small Product Lab challenge! In the past week, I’ve:

  • Written over 17,000 words (in 3 days, primarily)
  • Recorded and edited over 2 hours of high quality audio lectures
  • Created a ton of videos from those lectures (above is a sample vid of one of the lessons)

Version 1.0 of the course will launch in a few day with over 25 video lessons, a PDF guide, and more than 2 hours of content! I plan to improve, expand, and update the course post-launch, but I’ll also be substantially raising the price once I do that.

Side note: this course was creating using the exact formula and step-by-step systems I outline in the course itself! Cool? Cool!

So here’s your chance to get it at a KILLER DISCOUNT before the price increases. You’ll also get all future updates to the course, too.

Pre-order the course TODAY before it launches and get a $10 discount! You can do that (and learn more about the course) right here!

Post-launch, I’ll also be creating an affiliate program for the course, where students who’ve enjoyed it can sign-up to promote the course and earn money from every sale! Stay tuned for more details on that. It’ll be a great opportunity for students to promote their own projects/work and earn some extra income by plugging the course, too!



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