Gaining Momentum with a 5,600+ Word Writing Day @Gumroad’s #SPLDay2 Diary

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On Monday, I started Gumroad’s Small Product Lab challenge, and had a prolific 4,000+ word writing day that I blogged about here. That was exciting, exhausting, and a lot of work. Or so I thought at the time. Yesterday was Day 2, and I somehow managed to hit an additional 5,600+ words for what will become the ebook and script portion of a short online course I’m building and launching (in a 10 day timeframe). Whew.

The crazy thing is I’m a little behind schedule, even after bashing out a hair over 10,000 words in just two days.

Today is Day 3 of the challenge, and my goal is to finish the book and script by later today (or early tomorrow), and give it an edit before I start recording each section as a PowerPoint-style video lesson.

The product I’m creating is called “Expertise to Income: How To Sell Your Skills With A Short Online Course,” and I’m actually using the entire system I’ve outlined inside the book/course to create the course itself. Pretty awesome! You’ll be able to use this course to create and sell your own mini courses to sell your expertise, skills, and killer content. Or to turn your portions of your existing books into an online course, if you’re an author.

Before I packed it in last night, I managed to rough together a quick bit of logo art (above) for my product page. It’s not final, but I like where it’s headed. What do you think?

Anyhow, I’m off to dive into Day 3’s writing binge! Wish me luck. And if you’d like to get a sweet discount coupon for the course when it launches next week (plus discounts on all my future courses), go ahead and sign up here!


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