New Book: The Niche Freelancer + Help Make This Launch a Success!

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Hey everyone! I’ve just launched a new book series aimed at helping freelance writers carve out their own writing niche focusing on the topics they love! My new book, The Niche Freelancer: How To Craft The Lucrative Writing Career of Your Dreams is OUT NOW for only $2.99!

If you’ve enjoyed any of my previous freelance guides, you won’t want to miss this one. It walks you through the process of finding writing niches that align with your favorite hobbies and passions, and teaches you how to brand yourself as an expert, craft killer pitches, and build momentum writing about the things that interest you most!

It also discusses how to begin leveraging your expertise in a niche and applying it to even higher paying niche writing gigs writing directly for companies, organizations, and non-publications clients. (This is a topic I’ll be devoting a future book to, BTW).

Each chapter includes a helpful bulleted recap of the most important points to focus on, and I’ve even included three of my own successful pitches examples that scored me sweet paying gigs in three very different niche publications.

It’s an easy, info-packed read that I think you’ll love!

How to help make this launch a success!

So a big part of my battleplan this year hinges on focusing my efforts on the pillars of my freelancing, book writing, and creative businesses that are providing the biggest return. Launching a new freelance guide series is a bit of a risk for me, as I have a lot of other irons in the fire that are doing quite well.

If you’d love to see more books (and eventual online courses) from me on different facets of freelancing, here’s how you can help make this launch a success and show me that this is where I need to focus extra time on this year.


1) Grab a copy of The Niche Freelancer! It’s only $2.99. The value you’ll get from it is worth a LOT more than that. It’ll pay for itself x 400% and beyond once you land your first paying articles.

2) If you enjoy the book, PLEASE leave a short review and rating right here on Amazon. Early reviews are critical and much appreciated! It’s very tough to get readers to leave a review, even if they love a book, but it’s SO IMPORTANT because reviews let book browsers on Amazon gauge at a glance whether a book is worth buying.

3) Tell your friends! I always appreciate it when readers share the book link on Twitter, Facebook, or even email it with a recommendation to other people they know of who might be interested in it. Thanks in advance!


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