The Freelance Game Podcast Returns!

freelancegamesmallerlogo copyWhat a busy week! I’ve been swamped this month (appropriately) with heavy-duty freelance work gigs and deadlines, and my second book in the Indie Author Success Series is prepped to launch this weekend! 2015 has been crazy so far, in a good way, and it’s just getting rolling.

You might recall last year around this time that I launched a new podcast with co-host and industry comrade Andrew Hayward. We had a great first season and decided to take a short break to recharge, with plans to come back strong in the spring.

And here we are! The Freelance Game Podcast is back! We just launched the first episode of Season 2 today, alongside a new Patreon for the show to help offset some of our hosting expenses and whatnot.

Our own freelance routines have changed quite a bit since the show launched. We talk a lot about that in this new episode. While we will still primarily focus on talking about freelancing as it related to covering games, tech, and geeky topics, we are planning to broaden the scope of the show a bit subject-wise. Expect to hear a bit more about different kinds of freelance beats and much more as we roll onward!

So please go ahead and check out the show, let us know what you think, subscribe if you like, and maybe even consider buying us a cup of virtual coffee each episode if you really find value in the show!



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