Woah, I Hit #1 Kindle Bestseller in Business Writing

bestsellerWOAH. So THAT happened?! Out of all five books I’ve launched, I’ve come close to hitting #1 in my categories at different times (CURSE YOU HUNTER S THOMPSON – who I actually love reading, BTW), but this is the first time I’ve actually hit #1! Super SUPER cool, and it definitely helps make some of the wonkiness from earlier this week a little less frustrating. Not sure how long it’ll stick, but I checked and was able to grab this screenshot! Awesome!

You can help me push upwards in other categories too by grabbing the book for $0.99 today or leaving a review if you enjoyed it! Thanks everybody! FIST BUUUMP!



1 thought on “Woah, I Hit #1 Kindle Bestseller in Business Writing

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