Indie Author Success Tip #2 – Collaborate with Other Indie Authors

NOTE: I’ve set the price for Write Short Kindle Books: A Self Publishing Manifesto for Non-Fiction Authors at a mere $0.99 for the time being. That’s a pretty substantial discount from its full price, but not quite free. So I’d definitely appreciate it if you’d check it out and consider leaving a review if you enjoy it. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch more weekly tip videos!


2 thoughts on “Indie Author Success Tip #2 – Collaborate with Other Indie Authors

  1. Alright, you got me. I just bought it on Amazon. I won’t be able to read it tonight/this morning – it’s 12:01 a.m. here but it’s on my list to read for the next few days. I just finished a book series and began another but I am reading this new one out of sheer enjoyment of the author’s writing skill – it is historical fiction so I already know how it all happens and ends, which means I am not as invested, which means I will set it aside to read your book this weekend. I’ll be sure to post a review on Amazon when I finish.

    • Thanks a bunch, really appreciated it! And stay tuned for lots of upcoming tip vids. They get a bit more upbeat and fun around #4-6 or so.

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