Books, Games, Podcasts, Videos and MORE in 2015!

Hope everyone out there had a safe and pleasant New Year! 2015 is going to be another wild and zany year of change for me, as I continue to expand my writing projects in bigger, bolder directions with new books, new freelance ventures, and other related happenings. I’m going to be pushing hard this year to lay down a foundation for a slew of new projects, and I’m excited to dive in! Here’s a quick taste of a FEW of the things coming down the pipeline shortly!

1) New Book Releases Galore!

I spent a lot of time last summer roughing out drafts for 3-4 new books and building out a battle plan for multiple new series launches — all non-fiction books related primarily to writing of different sorts. 2015 is the year that I pull the trigger on those and boost my self-publishing business in a huge way.

coffeeoptionlokinggood1 copyI recently launched a book of quirky personal essays on the writing life, Coffee Is My Religion Volume 1, which was my fourth book. It’s a more personal work that incorporates humor and storytelling to touch on aspects of my freelancing, self-publishing, writing life journey. It did fairly well out of the starting gates, but it’s far different from my other works, which are geared more towards helping other writers. I do think, however, that some of these stories hold insights that other writer folks can find some value in.

My next book, officially launching TOMORROW, is something completely different from what I’ve written before, and it’s perhaps my most mainstream-friendly project yet. It’s the first book in a new series, called the Indie Author Success Series, that’s geared towards empowering writers to venture into the world of self-publishing and authorship. I’ve been closely studying self-publishing for the past decade and experimenting with numerous book projects as I roll out new works.

It’s fascinating how much things have changed in recent years. I’ve learned a lot from other authors and from my own numerous self-publishing experiments, and I’m eager to share what I can to help others curious about this path.

WSKDKindleCoverWrite Short Kindle Books, this first book in that new series is part manifesto, part how-to guide for writers looking to find an easier way to jump-start their authorship journey in self-publishing. It’s something that BOTH new AND established authors can use to radically change their approach in new and interesting ways. Stay tuned, as I’ll be launching the book TOMORROW!

That’s only the beginning for 2015 book-wise. My goal is to launch three new books before springtime, and announce some other major projects in the next few months as well!

2) Game Development!

The second half of 2014 was a bruiser for me, mainly because I shifted gears in a big way by forming an indie game studio, Touchfight Games, and pushed hard to get our first project out on iOS. I’ve learned a lot from that trial-by-fire experience, and am continuing to learn more as I work on major updates on our first game and prototype some of our super cool upcoming projects.


Go To Bed: Survive The Night is currently out on iOS (and PC Beta). It’s a quirky hand-drawn “bedroom defense” horror game with a dark children’s storybook vibe. The core game is available on iOS, but we’ll soon be launching a HUGE update for the iOS version called “The Gauntlet,” which’ll double the content in the game and add a lot of new and interesting elements to boost replay and variety.

Also: super secret! I’ve been conducting some great interviews with many well known indie game developers, and I’m planning to do a separate book series later this year relating to that. Details soon!

3) Video content and my YouTube channel

I’ve done a few video experiments on my YouTube channel over the past few years. It’s mostly been sporadic stuff, but I’m hoping to expand the helpful content I’m creating for writers in my books into assorted video projects.

On Monday, I’ll be kicking off a new short tip video series that will run here on the blog and over at my YouTube channel on a M, W, F schedule. The first two weeks are all recorded and ready to go, and I’ve got a lot of other good episodes in the works! The idea, here, is to offer a variety of useful info on writing and publishing related topics, while also keeping things short, punchy, and entertaining. So expect a touch of my usual goofballitude.

freelancegamesmallerlogo copy

4) Season 2 of The Freelance Game Podcast

Right now my video game and tech journalism writing podcast for freelancers, co-hosted with the rad Andrew Hayward, is on a short winter break. But we definitely plan to do a season two, likely in conjunction with some kind of minimal crowdfunding effort to cut back our expenses and keep the show running into 2015 and beyond.

We’re still in the process of planning all of that out, re-jiggering the show’s format, and determining the best course of action in terms of how to proceed with Season 2. Rest assured — it will happen! Expect more details soon and a hopeful roll out in early spring.

5) Freelancing Freelancing Freelancing!

Oh hey, yeah I’m still doing that full-time. Except instead of doing game reviews, features, and whatnot, I’m doing expert consulting, “mock reviews,” curated content marketing writing, case studies, sponsored blog posts, and other peripherally related freelancing work for a wide range of clients in the tech and video games industry.

2015 is looking a little light on that front at the moment, and I’m eager to plug some holes and fill a few gaps in the immediate future gig-wise with either one-off work or ongoing word-slinging. I’m always looking for new, good-paying gigs, so if you’ve got a special need for an freelance writing pro and established expert in the games/tech industry, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at Thanks!

That’s it for now! See you tomorrow when I launch my next book and unleash all manner of craziness on this blog next week!


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