New eBook + Audio Book Launching Soon!

FREELANCEWRITINGHACKSweb*Tap* *Tap* *Tap* Hello, testing, is this thing on? Right. Greetings Internet humans! I’ll be once again populating this blog with actual helpful blog posts soon, but in the meantime I figured I’d drop a quick update to give you a heads up on my new book Freelance Writing Hacks: 55 Tips For Word Mercenary Success that’s launching on May 1st! Having lots of different book projects in the pipeline gives me the opportunity try out cool new experiments with each launch, so I’ve got something interesting planned this time around! If you’re a past reader of my work, I’ll be very much looking for your support and your feedback with this coming launch and future projects!

 First off, what is Freelance Writing Hacks?

It’s an ebook packed with 55 critical tips designed to help you power-up the most important facets of your freelance writing life. From scoring gigs and pleasing editors to fine-tuning your writing and mastering the business side of writing, the quick-hit advice in this must-read book will give you what you need to succeed!

More specifically, it contains:

  • 12 Writing Hacks
  • 10 Pitching Hacks
  • 10 Productivity Hacks
  • 6  Home Office Hacks
  • 7 Communication Hacks
  • 10  Freelance Business Hack

I actually started writing this book shortly after launching Up Up Down Down Left WRITE, though I decided to finish up and release my second book Interview Fu first. If you’ve read and enjoyed either of those books, I think you’ll love this one. It’s an easy read that’s loaded with advice, personal anecdotes, and a smattering of humor.

So what’s different about this book? (Hint: AUDIO BOOK!)

Going forward, I’ll be experimenting with releasing books in different (and more varied) formats as well as offering books for sale BOTH through Amazon and as direct paid downloads through my site (using the secure and oh-so-awesome Gumroad). Freelance Writing Hacks is the first book I’m doing this with, though you’ll soon see links to PDF versions of my other books available directly through me as well. Y’know, so you can grab a copy if you’re not an Amazon person.

In addition to launching both Kindle and PDF versions, I’ve also recorded a high quality MP3 Audio Book version that I’ll be making available directly through my site. That’ll come with a bundled PDF edition too. It’ll cost slightly more than the super affordable PDF and Kindle versions, but that’s because it took me a CRAP TON of time to record and edit the thing. it was worth it thought, and I’m REALLY excited about this. Anyone who’s been enjoying my new writing-centric podcast The Freelance Game will super dig the Audio Book edition, wherein I whisper sweet freelance nothings straight into your ear holes. Expect some goofiness and a bit of shenanigans in there too, because that’s how I roll.

OK, cool, so how much does this stuff cost and when can I get it?

The ebook version of Freelance Writing Hacks will be available for $2.99 at Amazon AND as a PDF through my site (same price). The awesome PDF + Audio Book bundle will be available for $4.99 (a super steal!). So that’s three different ways to purchase and enjoy the book! I’ll be posting an excerpt from the audio book shortly to give you a taste of what’s inside!

Thanks for reading! Keep your eyeballs peeled on May 1st! And stay tuned, because I have a lot of exciting developments to announce on the book front in the coming months, including some fresh projects aimed at helping others navigate the fun and crazy world of self-publishing!


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