Game Journo Guide Friday Book Giveaway Contest!

bowkerscoverHey, today is my birthday! Woo! In celebration of leveling-up to age 33 AND the launch of my new book earlier this week, I’m going to be giving away three ebook copies of Up Up Down Down Left WRITE: The Freelance Guide to Video Game Journalism today! There are THREE ways to enter this little promo contest, and doing all three entry method tasks will triple your chances of winning a copy (only one copy per winner). I’ll be selecting one winner at random from the folks who enter in each category. It’s a game, wheee, fun!

How To Enter

Option 1: Click this link, which will post a thingy on your Twitter feed about the book. It will also notify me that you’ve entered the giveaway.

Option 2: Sign up for my mailing list – (Note: I won’t blast you with junk, only very sporadic news of upcoming books, freebies, special offers, and important developments.)

Option 3: “Like” and “Share” the book’s Facebook page!


That’s it! Do one of those things to enter, or do all three to increase your chances! I’ll be picking the winners tonight, and distributing the sweet ebook booty first thing tomorrow morning!


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