Shop Talk: BOOM! The Bookpocalypse Is HERE!

shoptalk copyThis is it. Zero hour. My first book Up Up Down Down Left WRITE: The Freelance Guide to Video Game Journalism is finally out in the wilds, available in print and on the Kindle (and assorted e-devices via the free Kindle Reader app)! It’s been a crazy launch day, and I’ve been really encouraged by the response so far. Creating a book from the ground up has been an amazing and intense experience, and it’s awesome to have it finally out! Rather than ramble on and on about it, I figure I’ll cap off a long day with a few bits of what other folks have been saying about the book online and through social networks! Oh yeah, and you’ll also find links to where you can buy the thing!

What Folks are Saying About the Book!

– “If you are thinking of going full-time freelance, I would recommend reading this before you do,” says Dan Amrich, long-time game industry vet and author of another excellent book on the subject, Critical Path: How To Review Videogames for a Living. Dan gracious wrote a very nice post about UUDLW’s launch today over at his own books site. Super nice of him.

UUDDLW isn’t like most books on writing you’ll find. Nathan Meunier has a great casual writing style. This guy doesn’t talk down to you. He’s always cracking jokes and making references to his coffee-based religion….This is book is a must for any aspiring gaming writer. It’s got info on everything from getting review copies to covering press events. It’s also brutally honest.” writes The Late Night Gamer Blog, with the first published review of the book (more to come)

“Nathan has a very fun and lively writing persona,” says UUDDLW book editor and freelance comrade Andrew Hayward, who has a great post on his blog today about the creative process that went into editing this book.

A Few Bits From Twitter:

I knew the @GameJournoGuide would be useful, but I didn’t expect to be putting its tips to use minutes after reading it.”  –Jordan Minor (@JordanWMinor)

“@GameJournoGuide [is] what I’ve been waiting for all summer. Congrats, man!” – Stephanie Carmichael (@wita)

“An awesome book about getting into freelance games journalism by @nmeunier came out today, it comes highly recommended from me.” Laura Kate Dale (@LaurakBuzz)

Here’s Where You Can Buy the Book!


Buy the Print Edition

buy the Kindle Edition!

*Note: Kindle edition can be used on Tablets, SmartPhones, and iOS devices using the free Kindle Reader App!

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