Beer Nerdistry: Gigantic IPA Review

giganticAfter numerous repeat trips to the craft beer store and many minutes spent scouring the isles for interesting new brews to try, I eventually reach a saturation point. Aside from seasonal rotations, I inevitably glaze over at the same array of familiar labels greeting me each visit. So when something new and interesting pops up on the shelf, I tend to take notice. This time it was a new offerings by Portland, Oregon-based  Gigantic Brewing Company — the new kid on block on VT beer shelves. I went out on a limb, and my tastebuds are impressed.

The Rundown:

Available only in big 22 oz. bombers, this flavorful IPA is a nice West Coast addition to VT’s craft beer market. The ABV comes in at 7.3 % with this one, so watch out!

Label – Blammo! The art jumps out right away with bold colors and a cool comic book-style font that tingled my nerd spidey-senses.

Appearance This IPA pours a very clear light golden with a thick creamy head. Looks delicious.

Aroma – Very fruity right from the get-go. Citrus, tangerine, and melon aromas mingle with the strong crispness of a dense pine forest. Lovely on the senses. Yup, I’m salivating. Color me excited.

Taste – There’s a pleasant lightness to this brew that belies it’s potent strength and robust flavor. A wash of fruity sweetness hits up-front without being cloying. The hop flavor kicks in mid-way alongside strong pine and orange rind notes as a parting gift. There’s a ton of hop flavor here but practically none of the bitterness you’d find in more aggressive IPAs. It’s a more delicate touch than expected, and I diggit.

Overall– I’m a huge fan of the high-caliber hop-blasters, but Gigantic’s IPA is a refreshing change of pace and a real pleasant surprise. There’s a thoughtful balance to this brew that favors flavors over tongue-raking brutality. A real winner in my book. I’d readily crack open a second bottle, if I could see straight.

Verdict: A


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