Miasmata Review (@GameSpot)

“When you’re plague-stricken, weak from dehydration, and lost at night amid a thick copse of trees on a deserted island mountaintop, the last thing you want to hear is the sound of a hungry creature stalking you from just beyond the reach of your torchlight. The way Miasmata pushes your survival instincts to the brink as you struggle to persevere against sickness, nature, and the elements evokes a certain primal energy. You’re frail, alone, and in constant danger of being overtaken by the treacherous beauty of your natural surroundings. Every little breakthrough feels like a major victory. Every stumble has the potential to set you back catastrophically. It’s the constant give and take that makes the struggle to stay alive in this intense first-person adventure so gratifying.”

Check out the full review here at GameSpot.


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