The WarZ: Murder of the Fittest preview (@IGN)

“In The War Z’s alternate version of history, Colorado is a cold, lonely place where the dead rise from their graves and seek out the last remnants of survivors to snack on. The droves of zombies congregating in the towns and cities nestled in this bucolic patch of countryside are deadly indeed in large numbers, but they’re not what concerns me the most. It’s those that are still breathing you really have watch out for.”

Check out my full hands-on preview here at IGN.


3 thoughts on “The WarZ: Murder of the Fittest preview (@IGN)

  1. Don’t paint the chalkboard paint or you won’t be able to write on it.
    Then put your family video up there ON PRIVATE
    – so that only your family can see the video. Every time I go into A.

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