BIG Kickstarter Final Push: We Can SO Do This!

Hey gang, thanks so much for supporting this Kickstarter so far. We’ve got 3 days left and $3,762 to raise by 5pm on Sept 8th. Though it’s probably a long-shot, I’m not going to give up until the final buzzer. I’m hoping you won’t either.

I know you’ve already pledged a lot and put in some serious time promoting this Kickstarter, which I am super grateful for. In order to have a shot at making this a successful, I’m going to need your help once more.

Three things you can do to make this final crazy push work:

1) Consider increasing your pledge – Did you know you can adjust your pledge amount at any time before the project ends? If you feel like kicking in a little bit more or a lot more, that’d be so awesome.

2) Encourage folks – on Twitter and other social networks to get on board in the final days and help make this project happen! Spreading the word is great, but we really need actual backers. Share the link, tweet about it, all of that good stuff. If you can ping your peeps about this a few times, perhaps once a day for the next three days, that’d be really helpful. Particularly as we get VERY close to the final hours.

3) Talk to friends/family in the meatspace world – and point them our way. If you know anyone at work, at home, anywhere that might be interested in backing this project, please let them know about it and our insanely tight final push deadline.

A fun surprise:

Anyone that pledges $125 or more will also get a free Up Up Down Down Left WRITE coffee mug:

Also: if we meet the $7,000 goal in time, I’ve committed to writing a second shorter book and giving ALL BACKERS a free digital copy when it’s complete. That’s two books for everyone who pledges $15 and above, and a totally free book for backers who kicked in less than $15.

Plus all backers get several fun/funky indie games. So that’s sweet.

Please help me make this final push and make this project happen. If we don’t hit $7,000 by the deadline, then we won’t get funded. Thanks for your support!


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