Less Than 4 Days Left: An Ominous Kickstarter Infographic (and Chuck Norris)

See that up there? That’s what impending doom for my book Kickstarter looks like. Maybe. We need to raise $4,000 in under four days. Actually…three days, seven hours, and about 15 minutes at the time I write this. Yeah. Slow and steady may win the race for some, but in this case we need this thing to spread faster than a zombie plague in the next few days if it’s going to make hit the necessary $7,000 mark by 5pm EST on Sat. Sept 8th.

We’ve had some great support from a lot of rad folks in and outside of the game industry. Unfortunately, despite all of the site traffic, retweets, press coverage, and excellent word spreading…only about 10 percent or so of the folks checking it out actually become backers [cue slide trombone].

So far, I’ve updated a lot of the reward tiers with new goodies, cut some of the prices on the higher rewards, recruited several excellent indie game devs to put together games to give to ALL BACKERS, and have even committed to writing a second book and giving a digital copy away to ALL BACKERS if we meet the $7,000 goal by the deadline. I’m out of ideas. So let me just turn this over to my good friend CHUCK NORRIS:

Actually, Chuck, less than 4 days, but thanks for the encouragment. We need your help to back the book and get it across the finish line! Time is running out.



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