Book Kickstarter Interview w/ WhatCulture!

I had a rad chat with the folks over at WhatCulture! about freelance game journalism, the book, the Kickstarter, and more! You can check out the article and interview here!

Kickstarter Update: The book Kickstarter is currently at 22 percent funding, with only 15 days left to hit the $7,000 needed to make this happen. There’s still over $5,000 to raise by the deadline, but if we exceed that amount and hit $10,000, I’ll be writing a second shorter book and giving a free digital copy to all backers. I also have some additional gaming-related surprises in the works. Please check out the project and consider becoming a backer! Remember: if the project doesn’t hit the $7,000 goal by Sept 8. then it doesn’t get funded. ULTRA Sad panda


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