Krater Review (@IGN)

“On paper, Krater: Shadows Over Solside is a mouthwatering mash-up. It spreads its Diablo-esque hacking-and-slashing evenly across a party of crazed warriors instead of focusing on one lone explorer, and the many dank caves and hardscrabble towns you explore are nestled snugly into the foothills of a post-apocalyptic landscape reminiscent of Borderlands’ Pandora or the irradiated wastes of the Fallout series. But while the first leg of this indie action-RPG trilogy picks up on elements from some excellent games, it fumbles them so badly at times that the grind rarely feels worth the effort you have to put into it.”

Check out the full review here at IGN.


7 thoughts on “Krater Review (@IGN)

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