Shop Talk: 4 Freelance Friendly Video Game Sites for New Writers

When you’re just getting started out as a freelancer in the gaming industry, sniffing out paying gig opportunities can be a real drag. Many outlets that pay well don’t advertise their rates or editorial contact info either, so there’s a lot of trial and error involved in tracking them down. Let me make your lives a little easier with this list of freelance-friendly sites that are open to working with new writers…and they pay! Do you like money? Do you want to write about games? Here you go. Work your magic:

The Escapist

It seems like all the big names in the game journo world have contribute to The Escapist at some point or another. While this award-winning gaming site has moved away from its magazine-like format over the years, it’s always open to feature pitches from new and experienced freelancers alike. You can scope out submissions guidelines and pay rates here.


Artsy and awesome, this high-end glossy indie mag features lots of well known writers alongside newer folk. It takes a different approach to games coverage, which is uniquely refreshing. You can pitch material for the spaced-out print issues or the more frequently updated website. Scope out the details here.

Cheat Code Central

One of the bigger independently owned and operated gaming sites out there, Cheat Code Central is often looking for new freelancers to come on board. They’re pretty good about dishing out steady work, and they’re open to new writers. You can find out more details here, though you’ll probably want to contact the EIC directly here.


It’s more than just a peripheral for powering up your game action. GameShark works with some great writer folks. If you want to be one of those people, hit EIC William Abner up with your most compelling pitch and knock his socks off.

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