Shop Talk: Sharing The Freelance Love

The holidays are upon us once again. Huzzah. [In case you missed that, cue lack of enthusiasm…now. No wait….now]. I’m not really a celebrator of all things X-mastian or holidaciousness these days. That’s fine with me. I’m going to spend X-mas morning scooping out cat poop as a volunteer at the local animal shelter my wife works at. Then I’m probably going to drink beer. Awesome. But my gimpy space heater and this hot cup of coffee are kicking off some warm fuzzy vibes this morning, so I thought I’d take a moment today to share some links to excellent articles written by a few of the many fellow game journalists, freelancers, and other writer folks that I dig. Cheers!

How To Be A Freelance Writer by Leigh Alexander

Just stumbled upon this yesterday and it made me laugh out loud.  “You will spend six, seven hours in front of the computer with a half-finished Word document and eight browser tabs open, muttering ‘motherf-cker’ under your breath as you refresh Facebook. You will do this at home alone almost daily.” Painfully true. Aside from being a great writer and a well-respected game journalist, Leigh is funny and knows her shit. [Here’s the link]

25 Financial Fuck-Ups Writer’s Make by Chuck Wendig

If you don’t read Chuck Wendig’s work, then you should. He takes a mix of depraved ramblings, frequent cursing, and spot-on writing advice and shot-guns that into your noggin. Chuck  does a lot of fiction writing, but he also has a bunch of kickass e-books out on the freelance life. I own them all, and they’re some of the best reading material you’ll defile your Kindle, iThingy, Nook, [insert some new future-tech gizmo here] with. He’s also one of the most prolific bloggers I know. [Here’s the link]

The Idiots Guide To Game Reviews by Mitch Dyer

Mitch may have recently made the jump from freelancer ninja to full-time IGN-er, but he’s been around the block plenty to know what the hell he’s talking about. Having just finished penning a soon-to-be posted piece about how the Internet is full of assholes and they all seem to flock to game review comment sections to prance around in their stupid stupidness, re-discovering this piece Mitch wrote awhile back makes me want to jump up and do a little happy dance. [Here’s the link]

No, Really: Games Journalism Can Be A Career by Andrew Hayward

I’m glad I was able to dig this piece back up again. Andrew and I freelance for a lot of the same outlets, and he’s a dude that really keeps his nose to the freelance grindstone. Back when there was some Internet rumblings from a few writer folks about how it’s so hard to succeed in this business, a bunch of fellow game journos weighed-in on the subject. Andrew’s response is elegant and inspiring. Go read it. [Here’s the link]


Do you have any recommended articles from fellow game journos, freelancers, writer folks you’d like to recommend? Hit me up on Twitter, post a link in the comments section below, or send an e-mail, and I’ll add the best ones to this list below.

How Not To Get A Job As a Game Journalist by Susan Arendt

Here’s an informative piece by Susan, who I used to write for over at The Escapist. She’s a Black Belt in the dark arts of “Wading Through The Most God Awful Freelance Pitches You Can Imagine Without Puking-Fu.” Listen to her sage wisdom. Read it! Now! [Here’s the link]

Can You Be A Games Journalist? Of Course, But Probably Not by Andrew Groen

I’ll probably keep calling him Groeny until he makes me stop. Andrew is another fellow freelancer pal-in-arms who has a lot of interesting opinions on our line-of-work. You can find much of his musings on his Twitter feed, but here’s a good piece that’s worth a read too that segueways well with Hayward’s feature above. [Here’s the link]


Want to read more Shop Talk? Why not scope out the archive for past installments!

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1 thought on “Shop Talk: Sharing The Freelance Love

  1. I just want to thank you for posting resources like this. It’s very helpful and it’s clear you not only love what you do but you enjoy sharing that passion with others.

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