Preview: Voxatron Will Assimilate You

“Part of what makes creating your own virtual world so much fun is having the freedom to run around and blow the crap out of it when you’re done. To that end, Voxatron strikes a nice balance between building and destroying. This upcoming voxel-centric adventure shooter from indie studio Lexaloffle blends top-down run-and-gun action with platform puzzle exploration. It’s Robotron 2020 meets Legend of Zelda – only you can reduce the landscape and its unfriendly denizens to piles of blocky rubble. That’s not even the coolest part: Almost everything I encountered during my time noodling around in the alpha build’s adventure mode was created using the powerful built-in level editor.”

Check out the full preview here at IGN.


1 thought on “Preview: Voxatron Will Assimilate You

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