Game Journo Gig Alert — DIY Gamer is Hiring

Red alert! Red alert! Freelance gig in sight! Since it’s not always easy for budding freelancers to hunt down elusive paying gigs in the video game journalism world, I figured I’d take to passing along news of paying gig opportunities when I stumble upon them. That’s not too often, but I’ll ping folks here on ye olde blog as I see them.

Looks like indie-focused site DIY Gamer is looking for some steady bloggers. Paying gig. More details after the jump.

DIY Gamer is seeking to hire a few writers to blog about indie games on a daily basis for their site. This is definitely a paying gig, though they don’t specify their rates.

A few other details from their job posting:


  • You must know how to write well. This means avoiding run-offs, fragments, or blatant misspellings.
  • You must contribute consistently to the site. You must write two articles per day, five days a week. You must also write one FAQ/walk-through or top 10 feature a month (these are fun, and they pay more).
  • You should have a familiarity with WordPress and light HTML editing for articles.

Here’s what you need to send us to apply:

  • Your name
  • Links to four published pieces (ideally two news pieces and two features or reviews)
  • A list of what gaming platforms you own
  • A short paragraph explaining who you are and why you’d be great writing about indie games
  • Optional: contact information from a former editor-in-chief

This was posted on August 22nd, so it’s still pretty fresh. Hop on over to their site for the full details and contact info. *Note* I’m not affiliated with DIY Gamer in any way. Just passing this along.


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