Feature: The PC Gaming Renaissance

“It’s hard to believe that not too long ago, many folks in the gaming industry were yet again ready to write off the PC as a platform on the verge of extinction. A perennial argument that seems to sprout up every few years, “the death of PC gaming” couldn’t be more exaggerated. Despite ongoing issues with piracy and lagging sales at the retail counter, the oldest and most flexible of video game platforms continues to thrive. And that’s because the game is changing.”

Check out the full feature here at GameSpy.


1 thought on “Feature: The PC Gaming Renaissance

  1. In other news rehashed from the 90s, there are unsubstantiated rumors that Apple are discontinuing the MacIntosh line. 😉

    PC games get attention when the TV game platforms have matured and are having trouble moving interesting titles, and in the process some really interesting titles can come up.

    When the next generations of TV consoles come out, the PC market will “die” again.

    I’m sure you know the truth, that there are still good console titles to be found if you care enough, and that PC gaming didn’t go anywhere and will continue to resurface and reinvent itself.

    Best wishes

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