Review: The Adventures of Shuggy

“When cooking, throwing in too many different ingredients can pollute the flavor of the pot and produce unpalatable rubbish. The same can be said about making video games, though every so often, this approach turns out something worth digging into. Bouncing around from one quasi-familiar gameplay idea to the next like an ADHD-addled youth, The Adventures of Shuggy throws a lot at you in rapid succession. At first, flip-flopping between a hodgepodge of game mechanics is disorienting because the game’s endearing pint-sized protagonist switches up his powers in almost every level. But the constant fluctuation soon yields a
satisfying rhythm of its own, and tackling the diverse obstacles strewn across the many stages found in this lighthearted platform puzzler evolves into a tasty surprise.”

Check out the full review here at GameSpot.


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