Review: Pilotwings Resort

“Cracking open the crisp cellophane on a fresh copy of the original PilotWings 20 years ago, I remember getting pleasantly lost in the pixilated clouds and skydiving to my doom over and over again — but not until after I’d already clocked dozens of hours in Super Mario World, F-Zero, and SimCity first. The launch line-up for Nintendo’s 3DS isn’t peppered with nearly as many mouth-watering first-party offerings, so the fact that PilotWings Resort feels like little more than a beefy tech demo to showcase the system’s glasses-free 3D is probably a moot point. People will buy it, dig it for a few hours, and then twiddle their thumbs until something better comes along. But is it still fun? Definitely.”

Check out the full review here at GameSpy.


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