Monster Racers Review

“The advent of the Pokemon series in the mid-1990s and the subsequent frenzy of popularity the charming Pocket Monster games have enjoyed ever since have spurred plenty of clones based on young kids battling with collectible critters for fame and fortune. Monster Racers’ inspiration is obvious, yet embedded deeply in the game’s carbon-copy presentation and revamped concept is a unique element that’s strong enough to give the well-trodden genre some new life. Instead of engaging in lighthearted turn-based combat, the myriad beasties you capture and raise have a burning desire to race against each other when they come face-to-face. Pairing this solid and seamless racing component with the some of the mechanics that make the Pokemon games so entertaining yields an addictive–if somewhat unoriginal–experience.”

Check out the full review here at GameSpot.


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