Cheap Thrills: Hell is Other People

“Welcome to hell. And hell, it turns out, is other people. Lots of them. This simple arena shooter is one of the strangest multiplayer games you’ll probably ever play. Confined to a small rectangular screen, you’ll pilot a tiny ship around and blast away at other players. The cool part is the human opponents you fight have already played the game and died long before you even booted it up. What you’re actually battling is their ghost data, and when you inevitably succumb to screens full of laser fire, someone else who plays after you will eventually fight against your ghost ship too. Surreal, right?”

Check out the full column here at IGN.


1 thought on “Cheap Thrills: Hell is Other People

  1. Hello!

    Thanks awfully for writing about my game. I’m glad you liked it! It’s in the running for the IGF this year. Um, not that there’s anything you can do with this information, I just though I’d drop by and do my part in dispelling the terrible anonymity of the Internet. Also to let you know that for the sin of writing about me, you’re getting added to The List Of People I Will Let Know About My Future Activities In The Field Of Games. Heh.

    (Also I just saw fez in your header image. :D)

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