PlayStation: The Official Magazine Reviews and more

ptomdec09The Dec. issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine just hit the newsstands (a bit early), and it features three reviews I  recently penned. I tackled Demon’s Souls, Half-Minute Hero, and Obscure: The Aftermath. They’re the first pieces I’ve written for the magazine but certainly not the last, since I have several others already slated for upcoming issues. I typically do a ton of online writing, which I enjoy, but seeing my work in a glossy print mag is indescribably exciting. In other news, interviews and research for the geek music book project are going smoothly. There’s a lot still to tackle, though I’m pleased to be making steady progress. I have some exciting new gigs that are in the process of panning out, and some additional print work on the way, including a review and multiple community pieces for Nintendo Power. It’s been a busy and awesome year so far. Let’s hope it keeps up. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “PlayStation: The Official Magazine Reviews and more

  1. Wow, that’d be so insane for me. But I guess you’re used to having your stuff in big time publications, so I can imagine it’s not as overwhelming an achievement for you. Still, great job in landing such a an incredible gig.

  2. Thanks! It’s actually pretty thrilling. The excitement inevitably wears off, leaving a sense of satisfaction in having accomplished something awesome. I’m always pushing myself to reach higher goals, so I’m always scoping out the next challenge to tackle.

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