A plastic guitar, heavy metal, and some beer.

I do not have a love for Metallica. In fact, I can safely say they’re a band I’ve hated for the better portion of my existence. But the lack of Rock Band II at my local GameStop this weekend and a hearty “buy two ridiculously expensive used games and take home one moderately expensive used game for free” deal spurred me to take the plunge on Guitar Hero: Metallica. After a few beers and plowing through the first dozens songs on Expert, I can say I’m loving every second of this game.  Metallica is just awful, yet I can definitely appreciate the level of challenge this game presents. Beating Guitar Hero: World Tour on Expert didn’t take as much effort as I had initially hoped, so I’m pleased to be presented with a real challenge again. Also, Judas Priests’ “Hell Bent for Leather” definitely made my weekend. After a hearty winning streak, I finally succumbed to the assinine finger-crushing depravity of Slayer’s “War Ensemble,” but I fully intend to master that hellish beast on repeat attacks. Being a former actual drummer, I simply can’t wait to plug in my second kick pedal to the GH:WT drumkit and kick some ass on Expert+ mode. Slaytanic! Oh, and I’m finally the proud owner of Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 – however, I’ve yet to have a moment of free time to delve into their delicious depths. That is all.


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