Writer Resources

Whether you’re a freelancer, an author, or a writer of a different sort, I highly recommend these tools and resources to help boost your craft and writing process. You’ll also find some helpful resources for podcasting and video production too! Don’t hesitate to check back regularly too, as I’ll be adding tons of new helpful tools recommendations to this list over time — including tools and product I’ve created as well!

Note: Many of these are totally free, while others are paid resources. I only recommend tools, books, and resources I’ve checked out personally. If you choose to buy a paid resource through one of my affiliate links below, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you [THANKS!]. This helps me cover the back end costs of running this site.

Writing Resources

  • Evernote – I always stumble on interesting articles online that I want to refer back to later-on when I’m writing. Evernote is a really useful tool for collecting and organizing info so you don’t have to hunt it down after-the-fact, and if you use Google Chrome, you can install the handy website grabber tool.
  • Grammarly – If you struggle with grammar, than this cool program can be very useful for helping to sniff out the trouble areas in your writing so you can improve your skills. The grammar checker is great for scanning pitches for issues, as is the proofreading tool.
  • How To Set Up A Blog – A step-by-step guide to building a personal or business blog, including how to choose a blog name, set up your blogging software, and ideas for your first post.

Author and Self-Publishing Resources

  • Scrivener – I recently switched to Scrivener for my book-length writing projects, and this powerful program is AMAZING for organizing, structuring, and writing books of any sort. I LOVE it and can’t recommend it highly enough!
  • Painless Kindle Book Formatting Bundle(I made this, BTW) The faster, more efficient, and more affordable way to format your kindle books while learning how to it yourself! This bundle contains my own pre-formatted and heavily notated Kindle templates — the ones I use for all of my own books — along with more than an hour of in-depth video (featuring yours truly) walking you through the process! Buy it once at a super affordable price and reuse it for ALL of your future books, saving hundreds of dollars in the process!

Podcasting Resources

  • Podcast Launch – When I was setting up our podcast, The Freelance Game, I found this handy ebook and the bonus videos it contained to be incredibly helpful! A great read packed in info!
  • Blue Yet USB Mic – I use this top-notch USB mic for our podcast, all of my own assorted video recordings, and other projects. I love it x 4,000!
  • Blue Snowball USB Mic – My co-host Andrew Hayward uses this slighter cheaper but still very high quality mic for our podcast. He sounds excellent on the show! Another highly recommended mic.
  • Supertintin – We use Supertintin to record our Skype calls and interviews. It works amazingly well for audio or video recording. The best part you can set it to record automatically AND separate both sides of the call into separate files to make editing so much easier.
  • Audacity – This excellent and powerful open-source audio software is perfect for editing podcast recordings.

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