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My FREE BOOK (Limited Time) + Why Pivoting and Experimentation is KEY in Self-Publishing

simpleselfpublishingsuccessstrategiesWho doesn’t love a FREE BOOK? Especially one that’s packed with simple, turbo-effective strategies that are easy to implement and can make a big difference in your author journey!

I’m on day two of a three-day freebie promo for my slightly rebranded Kindle book, Simple Self-Publishing Success Strategies: How To Sell More Books and Build Your Audience, which you can still grab on Kindle for FREE (for a limited time).

If you already have the book, or pick it up and enjoy it, I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a quick sec to leave a short review and rating on Amazon. That’s super helpful and part of the reason why I run freebie promos to put my books in the hands of new readers.

Sooo…yeah. Why free? Why the new cover and tweaked title? If you’re curious, then please read on for some self-publishing shop talk on why and how I’ve done so much experimentation with the title and cover for this book!

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