Up Up Down Down Left WRITE: The Freelance Guide To Video Game Journalism

Up Up Down Down Left WRITE: The Freelance Guide To Video Game Journalism


Have you ever dreamed about getting paid to write about video games and the fascinating people who make them? Unless you live on the West Coast and are lucky enough to land a rare staff position at one of the major gaming publications, freelancing is the best way to turn slinging words about your favorite hobby into a viable and lucrative career. The best part? You can do it from anywhere!

Up Up Down Down Left WRITE: The Freelance Guide to Video Game Journalism covers everything you need to get started along the path to launching and maintaining a successful freelance career in the gaming industry. Pro freelancer Nathan Meunier has written for more than 30 of the top gaming outlets — from Nintendo Power, GamePro, and Official Xbox Magazine to IGN, GameSpot, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and more. In this advice-packed tome for aspiring freelance game journos and more established writers alike, Nathan delivers detailed insights and how-to tips based on many years of professional writing experience.

 Learn How To

  • Generate killer article ideas, pitch editors, and score paying work
  • Build towards quitting your day job to freelance full-time
  • Juggle the business-related side of freelancing
  • Cover gaming conventions and press junkets
  • Network with editors and writers
  • Work with PR to gain coverage opportunities and free review games

And much, much more!


“A solid top-level view of the industry [that] gives crucial insight into what it takes to be a freelancer…[the book] covers a good selection of topics, from surviving tough income tax rates to dealing with public relations folks; it also doles out advice on crafting and delivering a good pitch, making the entirety essential reading.”

- Official Xbox Magazine

“An earnest look into the geek-glamorous lifestyle of the paid videogames publication word-spewer, and how to sneak in uninvited. This book is as useful as it is just outright brutal, and that’s what makes it a page-turner.”


“A frank and to-the-point assessment of most of the situations that one would encounter in the world of freelance games journalism coupled together with a never-ending supply of encouragement and humor. Meunier clearly wants his readers to succeed, and he does everything in his power to help them out.”


“If you can discipline yourself to work from home, create a dedicated home office space, prioritize and organize your time and actually dedicate yourself to writing as a freelance journalist – you need to buy this book. It has so much more than the basic outlines of advice you’ll find online that are mostly vague. No, this book is all about details.”

- The Koalition

Or check out the great things readers have to say about the book here!

Recent Posts

Oh Hey, I Just Launched My First Game! What?! (AKA, the Why I’m No Longer A “Games Journalist/Critic” Post)

So…errr…THAT happened! My apologies for being quiet of late. It’s been a weird summer. I’ve been working on a few book projects, slinging words in the freelance trenches, running my podcast The Freelance Game, and oh yeah, I launched an indie game studio called Touchfight Games. Ugh…What? Yeah.

Our first game, Go To Bed: Survive The Night, is out today on PC (Early Beta) and will also be launching later this month on iOS. It’s a creepy indie horror “bedroom defense” game that’s heavily inspired by Edward Gorey and other demented goodness.

I did a lot of the coding, some eerie audio whispering stuff, and a lot of the design, which is weird and crazy and woohoo! My cohorts Len and Jon also did a ton of work to make this thing as kickass as possible, we’ve got big plans for what’s ahead. It’s been a wild ride. If you want to check out the game, grab a copy, and support my crazy new side-quest adventure in any way, that’d be super duper appreciated!

The PC version comes bundled with the official soundtrack, and it has the first main story mode plus an unlockable challenge mode. We’ll be doubling the content with a second campaign and other unlockable goodies in the coming months. You’ll also gain access to a Steam code, once the game is greenlit. If you want to help with that, please vote YES here.

You can find a cool gameplay trailer, more details about the game, and purchasing info here.

Thanks again for your time and support!

Why No Games Journalism?

As a side note, yes, I’ve completely backed off of any/all “game journalism” or “game critic” type freelance work. I’m still a full-time freelancer and am doing lots of game and tech-related writing work (looking for gigs, if you’re hiring BTW) on the side — just not for traditional press outlets at this point.

This is part-necessity, part-byproduct of my move into creating an indie game studio. While I’m not slinging reviews, news, and features for gaming outlets anymore, I’m still carrying the info-sharing torch on how to do all of that good stuff over at my podcast The Freelance Game with colleague Andrew Hayward, so check that out. You can still also grab my current books in the Game Journo Guides Series, and keep your eyes peeled next year for other related books!

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