Interview Fu: The Game Journo Guide To Conducting Killer Interviews

Interview Fu: The Game Journo Guide To Conducting Killer Interviews

Interview Fu

[Kindle Edition] $4.99  [Print Edition] $8.99

Do you struggle with interviewing sources for your articles? You’re not alone. From wrangling interviews and asking the right questions to making sure everything goes smoothly and weaving amazing quotes into your articles, Interview Fu: The Game Journo Guide To Conducting Killer Interviews will help you sharpen your skills and the build confidence you need to pull off interviews like a pro.

As a journalist – freelance or otherwise – interviewing is one of the single most important skillsets you can develop to boost your career. It’s a skill worth mastering, regardless of whether you’re writing in the game industry or covering more traditional “real-world” writing beats. Interview Fu walks you through each step of the way, offering advice and how-to tips based on many years of professional writing and reporting experience both in and outside of the video game industry. If you’re looking to propel your writing career forward in a big way, then you simply cannot do without the information this book.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify and approach potential sources for your articles
  • Line up and prepare for interviews via phone, email, social media, and more
  • Craft killer questions to get the best results
  • Handle interview troubleshooting in unique situations
  • Engage with interviewees to make the process go smoothly
  • Overcome your fears and build confidence with your journalism skills

And Much More!

Interview Fu also packs a one-two punch of meaty bonus chapters featuring insights and tips from other industry pros including journalists, editors, and game developers!

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Last Day to Grab “Write Short Kindle Books” for only $0.99!

WSKDKindleCoverJust a quick update! Today is the last full day to grab my latest book, Write Short Kindle Books: A Self-Publishing Manifesto for Non-fiction Authors, for only $0.99! The price is going up this weekend, so I figured I’d put out a “last call.”

It’s been a really exciting launch run, and probably the best out all of my five books so far. In just over two weeks I’ve sold 700+ copies and held the #1 Bestseller slot in several Kindle categories for a good chunk of that time. That’s really exciting, especially as I embark on plans to roll out more books in this new series shortly.

On that front, I have another quick update: I just finished the draft of Book 2 in the Indie Author Success Series as well, so look for that soon! I’m hoping to have it out in the next month or so, and I’ve already begun interviews and legwork for books 3 and 4 too!

My goal for 2015 is to be EPIC. We’ll see how it goes, eh? Thanks for the support so far!


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