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About the Coffee Is My Religion Series

This new series of personal essays on the writing life delves deeply into my own stories and experiences — both humorous and informative — as a freelance writer, author, and professional word-slinger. Along the way, expect many goofy asides about my horde of cats, video game geekery, self-publishing shenanigans, and much more!

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About the Game Journo Guides Series

The Game Journo Guides series offers in-depth advice and helpful tips on different aspects of the writing life, from freelancing and publishing to journalism and beyond. While these books are geared towards writers who primarily cover the video game, geek culture, and tech industries, much of the knowhow they contain is useful to writer folks of all stripes.


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Indie Author Success Tip #8 – Don’t be afraid to HUSTLE

Write Short Kindle Books: A Self Publishing Manifesto for Non-Fiction Authors is available NOW at a mere $0.99 for the time being. It’s been a #1 Kindle Bestseller in both Business Writing and Authorship categories!

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