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The Game Journo Guides series offers in-depth advice and helpful tips on different aspects of the writing life, from freelancing and publishing to journalism and beyond. While these books are geared towards writers who primarily cover the video game, geek culture, and tech industries, much of the knowhow they contain is useful to writer folks of all stripes.


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Shop Talk Interviews: Episode 1 – Andrew Groen on kickstarting his new Eve Online history book

In this debut installment of Shop Talk Interviews, I talk with long-time game journalist Andrew Groen about the massive Kickstarter success off his new book project: A History of the Great Empires of Eve Online. We chat about the project, cover some tips on how to run a slick book Kickstarter campaign, and also briefly touch on turning long-form articles into books.

If you like the show, stay tuned! I’ll be having other special interviews in the near future on a sporadic basis. You can also tune into my regular bi-weekly podcast The Freelance Game, which covers the ins-and-outs of the writing life and freelancing in the video game industry.


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