Have I helped you out? Consider leaving a tip!

tipjarI get a lot of emails from writer folks who have specific questions or challenges they’d like help with. Sometimes people ask me to constructively critique their pitches in progress, other times they just need a hand with something writing, freelancing, or self-publishing related and don’t know where to turn. I’m always happy to respond at length to these emails, and I spend quite a bit of time putting thought into the one-on-one advice I give folks — even if I’m smack in the middle of a busy workday or on deadline.

If you’ve emailed me with Qs over the years or even recently and found my responses helpful, I’d super appreciate if you’d consider leaving a tip as a nice way of saying “Hey, thanks for that time you spent out of your day helping me out!” I appreciate your support! If you’ve ever wanted to buy me a coffee or a beer, this is a virtual way to do that! Cheers!


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