Rolling Natural 20s for the Sell More Books Show Podcast!

You know it’s a great day when you roll a natural 20 first thing in the morning! I wanted to put together a fancy video response for the 50th episode of the Sell More Book Show‘s question of the week, but then I got REAL busy. So I decided to make a quick-n-dirty goofy video by rolling a saving throw vs “How Bad I Want It.”

I had planned to just use some video editing to fudge rolling a natural 20 as a bit of nerd humor, but then I ACTUALLY ROLLED A NATURAL 20!!!! On the first try, on camera, no editing tricks! HAHAHA. Awwww YISSSSS!

Indie Author Success Strategies is out TODAY ~ only $0.99!

smallWow, 2015 is awesome so far! I’m really excited to announce that my second new book of the year is OUT TODAY and it’ll be on sale for $0.99 for a limited time!

Indie Author Success Strategies: 19 Tips to Boost Your Kindle Book Business builds on a lot of the foundation I laid down with my self-publishing manifesto, Write Short Kindle Books. It’s a short, punchy read that is packed with 19 core success strategies and over 70 supporting action tips to help you take your book-writing world to the next level.

These are the tips, ideas, and strategies I used in my own indie author battleplan. I’d love it if you’d pick up a copy of the book today (or this week), check it out, tell your friends, and if you enjoy it — please consider leaving a review on Amazon, as that is a huge help!

Grab your copy today ~ only $0.99!

Thanks so much!


The Freelance Game Podcast Returns!

freelancegamesmallerlogo copyWhat a busy week! I’ve been swamped this month (appropriately) with heavy-duty freelance work gigs and deadlines, and my second book in the Indie Author Success Series is prepped to launch this weekend! 2015 has been crazy so far, in a good way, and it’s just getting rolling.

You might recall last year around this time that I launched a new podcast with co-host and industry comrade Andrew Hayward. We had a great first season and decided to take a short break to recharge, with plans to come back strong in the spring.

And here we are! The Freelance Game Podcast is back! We just launched the first episode of Season 2 today, alongside a new Patreon for the show to help offset some of our hosting expenses and whatnot.

Our own freelance routines have changed quite a bit since the show launched. We talk a lot about that in this new episode. While we will still primarily focus on talking about freelancing as it related to covering games, tech, and geeky topics, we are planning to broaden the scope of the show a bit subject-wise. Expect to hear a bit more about different kinds of freelance beats and much more as we roll onward!

So please go ahead and check out the show, let us know what you think, subscribe if you like, and maybe even consider buying us a cup of virtual coffee each episode if you really find value in the show!


Get my next book FREE!

mailinglistpromo copyDid you enjoy my recent #1 Kindle Bestselling self-publishing manifesto, Write Short Kindle Books? Awesome! If you’re hungry for more, you can sign my Indie Author Success Book List to get my upcoming Book 2 in the series for FREE right here! It’ll be launch very soon on Kindle! I’ll also be offering other subscriber-only goodies and discounts on future books (and upcoming online courses I’m building).

The Real Benefits of Writing Short Kindle Books [Sample Chapter]

WSKDKindleCoverThis is a full free sample chapter for my new #1 Kindle Bestseller, Write Short Kindle Books: A Self-Publishing Manifesto for Non-Fiction Writers. Please feel free to share this on social media and tell your peeps, and if you feel like grabbing a copy of the book (and leaving a quick Amazon review if you enjoyed it), that’s always very much appreciated! And don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know if the book has inspired or helped you to write your own cool book projects!

The Real Benefits of Writing Short Kindle Books

A lot of aspiring authors don’t give any immediate consideration to what happens next beyond completion of that first magical book they’ve always dreamed of writing. I understand why. If you’re just starting out, the process of simply hunkering down to complete one traditional length book can feel like climbing a mountain. When you’re at the base looking up at the steep challenges ahead, it can be tough to imagine yourself making it to your goal intact.

Now you can see why so many would-be authors always seem to be caught in perpetual stasis. “I’m still working on my book” syndrome is a hard affliction to beat. Those who do make it and persevere to see their book through to launch, however, soon learn that having that first book out in the world feels amazing, but it’s not enough.

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A Successful Book Launch — By The Numbers

WSKDKindleCoverAbout a month ago, I launched my latest book — a self-publishing manifesto called Write Short Kindle Books — into the world (i.e. onto the Kindle marketplace). I spent a lot of time battleplanning this book launch, my fifth one to date, in hopes that trying something new would reach a broader market of readers and push this book higher than any of my previous books had reached both visibility and sales-wise. Except about three days into the launch I hit a wrong switch and borked the timing of the free to paid transition. Or so I thought. I never imagined things would turn around in such a big way in the weeks to come.

Here’s a by-the-numbers breakdown of the first month of sales along with a few observations and notes on what happened along the way.

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