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Last Day! Udemy $15 Course Sale! #BlackFriday #Sale

300x250Today is the last day of Udemy’s massive site-wide online course sale blowout for Black Friday! You can get almost any course for only $15 today,  (up to a 95% discount in some cases) before prices switch back to normal.

Whether you’re into writing, game development, music, podcasting, self-publishing, business, yoga, making money online, or just about anything else you can imagine, there are tons of unique courses you’ll love.

I’m a regular Udemy nerd and a new instructor too. Pretty awesome platform for learning new skills affordably. So….last chance!

Act fast or miss out!

Remember to grab these deals while they’re still hot, because the prices go back to normal tomorrow!


8 Books for 8 Bucks – All of my Kindle Books are $0.99 Today! #BlackFriday #KindleSale


Whew. Seems like forever ago since I first started self-publishing books for writers and indie authors! Time flies when you’re slinging words in the trenches. I’ve created 8 books in just over two years, and I have a ton more in the pipeline. Exciting stuff!

Now’s your chance, however, to grab them all in a rare MEGA SALE.

For today only, I’ve dropped the price of all of my Kindle books to only $0.99!

If you feel so inclined, you could feasibly grab ALL of my books for LESS than the price of my most expensive Kindle book. Cool? Cool!

Whether you want to pick up a few you missed or grab the whole shebang, go check them out and see what you think! Feel free to spread the word, too, since this sale ends tomorrow. :)




How to Repurpose Your Writing Content For Maximum Value (Tips for Writers)

Have you checked out my new YouTube channel for writers and authors yet? I’ve got some awesome tips and topics in the pipeline, so be sure to subscribe if you enjoy the video!

Here’s my latest video, where I talk about taking something as simple as a blog post and repurposing it into lots of different kinds of content. One of the reasons I started this blog years ago was to test the waters and see if there was an audience for a book I intended to write. By blogging to generate traffic and gauge interest, I was able to determine that people were interested in the topic.

I repurposed those initial posts and expanded on them to create my first book. Eight books later, I’ve been ramping this concept up, creating podcast content, videos, online courses, and other content that cross promotes my work and provides value to my audience.

This latest video in my Tips for Writers series gives some examples of how you could take your existing content and spin it out into lots of other things, ranging from paid products to promotional materials.

Cool? Cool! Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more video tips soon!

Top Udemy Courses – Only $12 #blackfriday #udemy #sale

300x250From now through 11/27 Udemy is holding a mega site-wide online course sale blowout for Black Friday! You can get almost any course for only $12 today, and the price will increase across the board by $1 every 48 hours!

Whether you’re into writing, game development, music, podcasting, self-publishing, business, yoga, making money online, or just about anything else you can imagine, there are tons of unique courses you’ll love.

Aside from being a new instructor on the site myself, I’ve also been long-time Udemy student. It’s a great platform to learn new skills without breaking the bank.

Act fast or miss out!

Remember to grab these deals while they’re still hot, because the prices will keep increases through the end of next week!


10 for $11 – Great Udemy Courses for Writers and Authors #blackfriday #udemy #discount

iconUpdate: It’s day three, and prices just went up $1 on Udemy’s 10-day Black Friday Blowout Sale! Courses are currently $11 site-wide today, but the price will go up across the board by $1 every 48 hours!

As a big fan of learning on Udemy and an indie author, I wanted to share 10 of the top courses for writing and self-publishing on Udemy — and you can grab each of them for only $11 today until the increase by $1 more this weekend!

How To Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle – $11 $297

Kindle Launch Plan: $1400 in 30 Days & and Amazon Bestseller – $11  $199

“Write. Publish. Repeat” Conversations -$10  $49

$50,000 Ebook Publishing Empire: Amazon Kindle Publishing – $11 $299icon

How To Write a Nonfiction Book That Actually Sells – $11 $97

How to Work for Yourself – $11 $19

Finishing a Manuscript in 60 Days – $11 $49

Kindle Secrets: How I Wrote a Best Selling eBook in 72 Hours – $11 $300

Kindle #3: Format Kindle Books Perfectly – $11 $199

Amazon Kindle: Build Passive Income by Writing A Best Seller – $11 $147

Looking for more Udemy courses online? You can find thousands of courses across tons of awesome topics, all for only $10 today during Udemy’s Black Friday Blowout Sale!

Great Game Dev Courses on Udemy – On Sale only $11! #indiedev #gamedev

iconAs a part-time game developer, I’ve been pushing to level-up my skills when it comes to all aspects of making games, from coding to art asset creation. Udemy’s affordable, online video courses have been a huge help in the past year and a half. It continues to be one of my top go-to places to learn from awesome instructors.

With Udemy’s 10 day Black Friday sales event now well underway, you can grab just about every course for only $11! But hurry if you want to get in on this deal, because all courses go up $1 every 48 hours until the sale ends and everything returns to normal full price! Today’s your chance to grab any of these killer courses before the price increases!

Here’s a hand-picked selection of some of my favorite game development courses I’ve been taking this year! All are highly recommended.

Make a Platform Game and Learn to Code with GameMaker Studio – $11 $159icon
Right now, GameMaker Studio is currently my main game creation tool, and I’ve been a big fan of Ben Anderson’s YouTube channel and his excellent book on GML coding. Ben’s Udemy course on the topic is easy to follow and packed with great tips you can apply to lots of different game styles. Well worth checking it out!

Create Original Vector Game Art with Inkscape – $11 $107
iconCreating attractive, scaleable art assets that jive with different game engines has been a challenge. Istvan’s course is a GREAT primer on how to use free vector art program Inkscape to design, animate, and export gorgeous 2D assets for games. It helped me wrap my head around how to use the program’s core functions very quickly, and I can’t wait to put it into play with some upcoming projects!

iOS 9 Adventure – Build 12 iPhone Apps with Swift 2 – $11 $299
I admit, I wasn’t what sure what to think when I first saw this course. But goofy youngsters Nick and Jenna know their chops and do a great job of explaining the ins and outs of iOS 9 and Swift development in a fun, informative, and useful way! Great course, whether you’re into making apps or want to apply this to iOS games. I’ve been gradually learning Swift to apply for some specific projects down the road. This course has given me a great jump start on the process.

Learn to Code in Game Maker Language$11 $60
I rarely stick to just one source when I want to learn something new, which is why I’ll often buy multiple books and courses on a given subject to see how different instructors approach the topic. When it comes to learning GML code, this course makes the process painless and intuitive. Really super useful if you want to go beyond GM:S drag and drop functions, which you should.

Make Your Own FPS Without Code Using Unity and Playmaker $11 $99
iconI’m still very much a Unity noob, but I’ve been gradually learning more over time. Not ready to make the jump to 3D yet, but this course is an awesome starting point for learning how to design 3D FPS-style levels to explore and implement some cool gameplay elements using Unity and PlayMaker.

Learn to Code by Making Games: The Complete Unity Developer – $11 $197
This comprehensive course to Unity development helped me hand code my first text adventure example game, which is great, but it also has a ton to offer anyone who wants to ease into game design in Unity while learning code. Good stuff!

I’ve personally taken and highly recommend all of these great game development courses, but there are also a TON of other great courses I’m looking forward to checking out too.

Here’s the full Game Development section in Udemy that’s jam-packed with cool courses, many of which are only $10 during this mega sale event! Ready? Set? Go to it!



Udemy’s Black Friday Blowout Begins – Site-wide $10 course sale

unnamedWhen it comes to learning new skills directly from people who are in the trenches in a given niche, Udemy is an amazing platform. I’ve been an avid Udemy learner for a few years now, and online video courses that you can take at your own pace (even on your Mobile devices) are a fun and unique way to level up your expertise.

Udemy just launched its annual Black Friday Blowout deal, which lasts a full 10 days. Here’s the thing though: Courses are only $10 site-wide right now, but they’re go up $1 every 48 hours until the sale ends next week.

What can you learn on Udemy? EVERYTHING. That’s what I love about the platform. There are so many awesome topics and niche courses to explore. Here are a few topics that might be of interest to folks who follow me:

  • Game development (GameMaker Studio, Unity, Swift, iOS 9, etc)
  • Kindle publishing (How to sell more books, book launches, author tips, etc.)
  • Creative entrepreneurship (Udemy course creation, starting a business, making money online, etc)
  • and so much more!

Also, I just launched a new course on Udemy myself, How To Sell Your Skills With Short Online Courses. If you’d like to grab that for only $10, go ahead and use this link. Either way, I highly recommend you take advantage of this crazy sale, and go grab yourself some good learnin’!

Black Friday $10 728x90