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  1. Hello Nathan,

    I found you randomly while perusing the projects on KickStarter. After reading/watching your project info, I hopped over to your blog and I’m loving it! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to contribute to UUDDLR, but I’m glad that you received the necessary funding.

    I’m pretty interested in this project. There isn’t a lot of reliable info available on Gaming Journalism. I would also be interested in reading about your adventures in the world of self-publishing.

    Will there be anymore opportunities to contribute or get involved with the project? When is your expected date of publication? If possible, I would be interested in pre-ordering a copy.


    • Hey JD,

      Thanks for stopping by and glad you’re enjoying the site! I’m shooting to have the book wrapped up and in backers hands by Spring/Early Summmer 2012, if not sooner. Once I’ve made sure backers get early copies, I’ll wait a bit then launch it official online and in print. You’ll be able to pick up a copy through the site here and in some other spots.


  2. Hey Nathan,

    My team and i have created a small game for our final assignment for our university degree. Would would very much appreciate your opinion on it so far.

    It is about a ninja and a samurai that are forced to work together as they are whisked away from their own time to our present. They must master each other’s abilities to triumph over the evil scientists and discover a way to return to their own eras. It is called Time Slash: Clash of Eras; 2.5D puzzle platfomer.


    Thanks for your time Nathan.

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