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Nathan Meunier is a freelance writer, author, and indie game developer.

For most of the past 10 years, he’s covered video games, tech, and geek culture as a freelancer. His work has appeared in more than 40 publications, including Nintendo Power, PC Gamer, GameSpot, PlayStation The Official Magazine, EGM, GameSpy, IGN, Official Xbox Magazine, GamePro, The Escapist, Ars Technica, and many others. Prior to writing about video games, he spent over five years working as a reporter for a weekly newspaper.

The Game Journo Guides Series

When he’s not writing about video games, craft beer, or nerdy stuff, Nathan pens books on freelance writing advice for folks looking to break into the game journalism world. He currently has three books out that are jam-packed with advice for writers, journalists, and freelancers interested in covering games and geek culture. You can check out his books here.

Looking to hire a seasoned writer?

Nathan is also available for contract writing work on a project-by-project basis. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to chat about specifics and rates: nathan_meunier (at) hotmail.com

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Fun Factoid: Meunier is pronounced “Min-Yay”

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My New Online Course “Expertise To Income” is LIVE!

Missed your chance to pre-order? The NEXT 25 people who buy the course using this link will still get the $10 off discount. After that, the course goes back to full launch price.

version2 copy

So what is this thing? It’s an online course that walks you through the entire step-by-step process of planning, testing, building, and selling your OWN online course. It focuses on helping you identify skills and areas of expertise you have, then turning that into short, high-quality courses you can sell — without having to do those awkward talking head videos.

What’s in Version 1.0 at launch?

This course was built in 10 days as part of Gumroad’s amazing Small Product Lab challenge, and it’s been an intense week of hard work to get this together. I still have more I plan to add to the course, but the idea was to create the best product possible in that short timeframe, launch it, then continue to add to it. So if you buy the course, you’ll get:

  • 25 high quality video lessons
  • 2+ hours of content
  • A 17,000+ word PDF guide

In the coming days, I’ll also be adding an extensive section of additional videos focusing on marketing, launching, and selling your course. That module is still in the works, but the content I have in place is really detailed and ready to rock!

The PDF guide that’s included at launch was created from my script for the courses. It reads like an ebook, but it isn’t quite formatted and all prettied up 100% yet. I’ll be making that nicer looking and expanding it when I incorporate the final module.

Why should I buy this now?

The price of this course is going to go up as I add more content. Discount aside, the $24.99 launch price is only temporary. With over 2 hours of video content, this is a steal. But I plan to add a lot more to the course in the weeks and months to come. As that happens, I’ll be increasing the price more to where it should be for the length and value of content.

So if you act now, you’ll save a lot of money, and you’ll get access to all future updates for free!

What lessons are covered so far in version 1.0?

Section I: Tap Into Your Expertise

Lesson 1 – Generating short online course ideas that sell
Action Step: Brainstorm a big list of ideas
Lesson 2 – Testing your ideas and gauging your audience
Action Step: Gather research and get feedback
Lesson 3 – Finding your unique angle
Action Step: Pick a title and narrow your focus
Lesson 4 – Deciding on your course’s format
Action Step: Pick your content types and approach
Lesson 5 – Outlining Your Course
Action Step: Go ahead and outline your course

Section II: Build Your Course

Lesson 1 – The course creation workflow
Lesson 2 – Creating scripts for each short lesson
Action Step: Starting writing your scripts
Lesson 3 – Quality recording hardware on a tight budget
Lesson 4 – Free software for audio, video, and image creation
Lesson 5 – Recording your lesson audio
Lesson 6 – 6 Tips for getting a great audio recording
Action Step: Record audio for your first lesson
Lesson 7 – Editing your audio
Action Step: Edit your first lesson audio
Lesson 8 – Creating visual slides for your videos
Action Step: Create slides for your first lesson
Lesson 9 – Recording video of your PowerPoint slides
Lesson 10 – Editing it all together into video (two ways)
Action Step: Create your first lesson video

Section III: Promote, Launch, and Sell Your Course

Coming soon

Here’s a sample video of the first lesson!

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